Monday 21 June 2010

New Feature | Calendar Overview

We've been noticing for large calendars with lots of busy people it can be difficult to see who's free when and generally what's going on.  To help with this we've just added a new Overview switch which gives you an uncluttered read-only view of everyone's availability.
Once a calendar starts getting busy and you need to see which date is best for everyone try selecting Overview for a clearer picture.

Monday 14 June 2010

Share your calendar with AddThis

The main idea of Meetifyr is that people create a calendar, fill out their availability then send the calendar round to friends so they can do the same.  Up until now we've not provided a easy way for you to share the link to your calendar, we expected people to copy and paste the Url into email/Twitter/Facebook and distribute it themselves.


Today we've added the fantastic AddThis widget to all calendars so you can now share your calendar with incredible ease.  AddThis is the #1 web bookmarking and sharing service and allows you to share a link instantly through any of their 293(!) registered services.  The simplicity of the AddThis service works well with Meetifyr and now makes it even easier for you to arrange that meet-up with friends.  What are you waiting for!