Sunday 28 November 2010

Getting Started is Even Easier

We've been looking at ways to make getting started with Meetifyr even easier, so today we've added a new check list for new events.
Its just a list of the main thinks to do when creating an event which get ticked off once they're done.

Sunday 21 November 2010

Updated Homepage

We've made a couple of small changes to our homepage today.  Firstly to incorporate more of the good press we're getting and also to try and spell more clearly what Meetifyr is about - Getting Your Friends Together!

Sunday 7 November 2010

New Feature | Maps

We've made a few changes at Meetifyr, cleaning up the interface to make it even easier to use and also throwing in a couple of new features for good measure.

The main addition is the introduction of maps to the event page, you can now add a map and place a marker to show everyone where you're meeting up.  Like anything on the event page the map can be updated by anyone or removed if not required.

We've also added a description field which can be used to provide any extra information about your event.

Monday 1 November 2010

Evolution of a Web App

As much for the sake of posterity I wanted to show how the event page in Meetifyr has evolved since its launch in Feburary 2010.  
So here are some screenshots of our example calendar as viewed by successive versions of the app - enjoy!
(I'll be keeping this post updated so don't forget to check back)
Version  1 (15th February 2010)

Version  9 (27th February 2010)

Version  17 (17th May 2010)

Version  19 (25th May 2010)

Version  20 (3rd June 2010)

Version  27 (26th September 2010)

Version  29 (16th October 2010)

Version  37 (20th December 2010)

Version 39 (26th January 2011)

The homepage at hasn't changed quite as much but here are the main revisions its gone through.

Homepage version 1

Homepage version 19

Homepage version 29

Homepage version 37