Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Meetifyr 2.0!

Today we’re very excited to annouce the launch of a redesigned Meetifyr!
After working away behind closed doors for months its time to show our new look to our most honest critics, you. 
We continue with our aim of being the simplest way for friends to arrange to meet up. There’s still no logins, passwords or email addresses to remember just a simple page where you and your friends can share just the information you need to make that meet up happen.

A little under a year ago Meetifyr launched and since then we’ve been steadily improving the site while a dedicated number of people have come to rely on our service. We hope the design changes we’ve made today will help make Meetifyr more enjoyable to use and open it out to an even wider audience.

This is just the first step of a long process to improve Meetifyr so any feedback, good or bad, is most welcome.  Thanks!


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