Thursday, 6 May 2010

Automated Testing with Watir

WARNING: Slightly geeky content.

With Meetifyr attracting more and more users its becoming increasingly important we don't introduce bugs or break things when trying to improve the site.  Previously we've been manually testing everything before releasing to the world.  This is acceptable when there's not much to the site but soon becomes laborious and in turn less effective with more functionality or when you're trying to release regularly.

To reduce this burden of manual testing we're started to use the Watir browser automation framework.  Using Watir we can write a few scripts in Ruby to test everything works on the site as it should.  Our full suite of tests run in under a couple of minutes and give us confidence we've not broken anything to badly in the name of progress.

The bottom line to this is that we can now make changes to the site with more confidence, which means more regular changes and so you should see the site improve quicker.


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