Monday 24 May 2010

New Feature | Editable Attendee Name

Just a small change which we hope you'll find useful, you can now edit an attendee's name after its been created.

We've also removed the helper panel at the top of the calendar page which showed the first day everyone was available.  We decided this wasn't giving much value since its just as easy to scan the column headings to see the first one with nobody set to busy.  Also the first day everyone is free might not necessarily be the best day to meet up.  
I intend to write a further blog post to elaborate on this but any thoughts in the mean time please let us know.

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romilly said...

The introduction of the new feature, "Editable Attendee Name," marks a significant enhancement in event management software, offering organizers and attendees alike greater flexibility and convenience. With this feature, event organizers can now effortlessly accommodate last-minute changes or corrections to attendee names, ensuring accurate registration and seamless check-in processes. Attendees also benefit from the ability to update their names post-registration, mitigating potential issues and streamlining their event experience. This innovative addition reflects a commitment to user-centric design and responsiveness to the evolving needs of event professionals and participants alike, making it a valuable asset for anyone involved in orchestrating or attending events.
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